Your life can change in an instant.  And mine did when my daughter came into this world.  As she was placed in my arms, her little body’s warmth meeting my skin, a new joy, unexplainable by human language, radiated from me.  And so did reality; the role of a protecting this new life that began 9 months earlier sharpened into focus.  Olivia has Turner’s syndrome; a genetic disorder that affects less than 0.1% of females in the world.  She wasn’t expected to be here… when diagnosed at 11 weeks in utero, we were given a 1% chance for her survival.

While researching for the cause  (there are no known cause for Turner’s) I came across information regarding many unsafe  (or unproven safe) chemicals used in the personal care industry and their long-term effects on the human body.  There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today.  The great majority has never been tested for safety and new chemicals are continually being put on the market without safety tests.   I learned that it is not a company’s responsibility to inform us of unsafe nature of any chemical used in their products.  The FDA and WHO advised that mothers of newborns should avoid the application of cosmetics containing phenoxyethanol if they are breastfeeding, to prevent possible transmission of the chemical to the child.  And yet, there are many baby products on the market with this ingredient (EWG.org).  In this day and age, to completely avoid chemicals is impossible.  It is in the air we breathe, water we drink, the ground our vegetables and fruits are grown in and the clothes we wear.  We can however, reduce unnecessary exposure to chemicals and the best way to do that is through education and action.

Our mission Maeve’s is simple – we want to offer you the safest products you can find on the market.  From one mommy to another, together we can demand a better future for our children.

100% Natural, Non-toxic, Vegan ingredients
Synthetic ingredients and potentially toxic chemicals have no place in products and foods that we use daily.  Not only are the ingredients we use better for our overall health, since they are biocompatible with our skin, they deliver stunning results you can see and feel, sometimes almost immediately!  There are over 80,000 chemicals on the market and personal care industry can use almost all of them for their formulation.  We choose natural because we believe in organic healing, both for ourselves and mother earth.

We are our own manufactures
We fully own the formulation and production process.  Every bottle you receive is made in small batches in our Cleveland lab.  We source ingredients by ourselves and ensure top-notch quality for everything from our Shea butter to the glass containers we use.  In addition, we envision love and healing enveloping or products during production.  We invite you to do the same while applying them.

No synthetic fillers.  Only concentrated formulas
Every single ingredient in our product is there for a therapeutic reason.  We do not use fillers, binders, glues, opacifier to augment the way our products look and feel.   A commercial product will have between 12-92 ingredients and only a small number of them are active ingredients, usually between 1-5.