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While talking to a dear friend about my intention to start a blog about hemp, he asked, what made you start working with CBD? After telling him the story he said without hesitation, that’s your first blog post!

It always amazes me that in the three years I’ve been working with hemp CBD, how much the industry has evolved. Hemp has been around for thousands of years but the first person who extracted CBD from flower buds only did so roughly fifty years ago, and its medicinal benefits wasn’t well researched until decades later. There’s been much advancement in the industry in the last few years. While CBD supplements are rapidly gaining popularity in the niche markets in New York City and Venice Beach, congress made it more mainstream by decriminalizing CBD extracts from Hemp, provided that its THC, the psychoactive compounds in cannabis, is lower than 0.3%. Despite all this, there is still much confusion. What is CBD extracted from hemp vs cannabis? Is one better than the other? What are the benefits of taking CBD? How to dose? These are all valid questions and should be answered properly. However limited research due to its legal status, coupled with lack of guidance from the FDA left many consumers confused.

While I was developing a line of skincare products for an organic spa, the owner was the first to bring CBD to my attention. I was considering adding a line of therapeutic massage oil for spas. I spent the next six months researching. I went to California to attend seminars and meet with farmers, extractors and potential suppliers. We released CBD Massage Oil with Frankincense in December 2017 and by March 2018, it had became our top seller. A couple of months later I rolled out the supplements line and we would sell out at every show that summer.

I love the platform of retail markets such as the Cleveland Flea. It affords consumers the opportunity to ask questions about a product they haven’t heard of. “What is CBD?” our conversation would likely start there. Most of the time they just had questions about this seemingly miracle product and wondered if it would help them and their loved ones. I was happy to share what I had learned from seminars and research.

When the pandemic and shut down started in March 2020, I knew the way I stay connected with people is going to change. Instead of face to face, I would spend hours on the phone or email with potential customers. With the flooding of CBD products to the market, there’s also lots of misinformation. I recognized how challenging it is for consumers to navigate the CBD market. Many of our customers are professionals leading busy lives and while I spend hours a day researching, my customers simply don’t have that opportunity. As my company executes the transition from skincare to CBD only (see prior blog post), I want to introduce a platform where they can ask questions and get the answers they needed, safely and quickly.

The success of this blog and Facebook support group will not be measured by the number of its followers. I believe in intention and its pure vibrational energy in attraction. My intention, from the creation of Maeve’s All Natural Skincare in 2015, to that first summer market in 2018 when we released CBD supplements, is to help and heal. I hope you will find the content useful in your search for products that aid in your healing journey.

Love and light,

Mimi May


This content is for educational purposes only. The information provided is derived from research gathered from external sources.

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