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Regen Skincare Set: includes a full 4oz Purifying Facial Cleanser, Organic Rose Water Toner, Instant Eye Makeup Remover, Regen Facial Oil and Dead Sea Salt & Lemon Sage Face Scrub.

With warm spring weather ion us there is no better time to rejuvenate, renew and refresh your skin care routine. Cold winds, low temperatures and dry indoor heating in the Winter months all cause skin to become dehydrated, dull and irritated. Spring is a great time to exfoliate off those dead skin cells and make way for a brighter, smoother complexion.

Cleanse properly with our neutral and hydrating Purifying Facial Cleanser – anchored in Aloe & Rose Clay, enriched with Avocado Oil and a blend of nose pleasing floral essential oil. If you have been using a rich, creamy cleanser in the winter, you may find a lighter and neutral cleanser works better in the warmer months. This gentle foaming cleanser is hydrating, natural, vegan and does not contain harsh chemicals.

Exfoliate with our Dead Sea Salt & Lemon Sage Face Scrub. if winter has left your skin looking dull and patchy, you will need this scrub to bring back your radiant glow. Mediterranean sea salt provides a gentle and yet effective exfoliator while lemon and sage work together to provide a synergetic antioxidant effect. Organic and raw shea butter and jojoba oil offer immediate nourishment. Chamomile flower powder boosts exfoliation. All the ingredients work together in this scrub to promote youthful, glowing skin. If you are familiar with the oil cleansing method, this is a great substitute for that

Nourish with our Organic Rose Water Toner and Regen Facial Oil. Spray on the ultra moisturizing and healing rose water and seal it in with Regen Facial Oil – a wonder working, luxurious and antioxidant rich facial oil that hydrates and heals your skin while preserving youthful glow. An exquisite blend of botanical oil mimics natural sebum composition and is easily absorbed. Enriched with organic sea buckthorn and a powerful blend of healing essential oil including immortelle and frankincense. It delivers amazing skin healing benefits and advanced protection against environmental stressors and free radials.
Detox – Spring is a great time to detox. Not only will it benefit your overall health, it is a fantastic way to rejuvenate and refresh your skin! Ditch the alcohol, gluten, sugar, caffeine and animal products in favor of light, fresh salads and simple, raw foods for extra energy and vigor. Moisturize your skin from the inside out with healthy oils such as flaxseed, extra-virgin olive and coconut. Remember that your skin is the largest organ and if you eat organic and healthy, you would be doing your body a disservice if you are rubbing chemicals all over it! Switch to natural and organic skincare will help your body’s efforts to detox after long Winter months.

Instant Eye Makeup Remover:
This bi-phase instant eye makeup remover is created with pure plant ingredients. Coconut oil removes any makeup instantly, including waterproof. It is enhanced with rose water to tone, hydrate and soften all skin types.

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