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It’s a natural progression from natural skincare to natural perfume. “Fragrance” is a vital part of what I create. In nature, flowers that are beautiful and fragrant are also associated with essential oils which promote those qualities of self love and mood lifting. Rose and Jasmine are two prime examples and can be found in some of these fragrances.

We use organic grape alcohol because it evaporates at a faster rate than a carrier oil. When it’s evaporating, it diffuses the scent of the essential oil. This quality makes it more of a perfume than essential oil roll on, even though the main fragrance is essential oil based. Unlike perfume, these will not last for months, days or even hours. A study in Japan found prolonged scent stimulation (such as burning fragrant candle or wearing perfume all day) actually raises blood pressure and heart rate, usually after 90-120 minutes. After going natural about 5 years ago, prolonged use of artificial scents give me a headache these days. But I’m totally ok wearing these during the day and at night. I love dabbing a bit on my wrists and behind the ears for a little mood boost.


Steam Distilled ORGANIC Essential Oils
Organic Extracts
USDA Certified Organic Grape Alcohol


Synthetic Aroma Chemicals (nature identical molecules) created by scientists in a chemistry laboratory
GMO ‘natural’ isolates created by scientists in a chemistry laboratory
Denatured Alcohol

These beautiful perfumes are conveniently packed in a frosted glass bottle with stainless steal roller ball. You can easily throw these in your purchase and don’t have to worry about it leaking.

Please let us know which scent you’d like to receive when placing an order.

—————————————–JASMINE SAMBAC —————————————–

Doctors calls it the mood booster and stress reliever, it can also balance hormones.

—————————————–BIRD OF PARADISE —————————————–
This beautiful blend of essential oil has a base in cedar wood and middle notes of floral essential oil such as jasmine sambac and rose otto, and top notes of tangerine and other citrus. It smells refreshing and promotes joy and happiness when applied.

—————————————–FLOWER CHILD —————————————–
This is one of my favorite blends and I use it before going to sleep at night. It has a base note of lavender, middle note of rose and jasmine and top note of lime.

—————————————–ANCIENT ELIXER—————————————–
This is one of our most popular scents. It smells like the beach on a sunny day. It has a base note of sandalwood, middle notes of cinnamon and clove, top notes of lemon and eucalyptus.

Each bottle comes with a classy gift box. Pack of three also comes with canvas bag with our signature. These makes wonderful gifts for yourself or a loved one.

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions6 × 2 × 1 in

Bird of Paradise, Flower Child, Jasmine Sambac, Ancient Elixir


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