Four Thieves Sanitizing Spray


Non-sticky spray formula made with 80% ethyl alcohol and antibacterial / antiviral / anti fungal blend of  essential oil. Perfect for disinfecting hands or non-porous surfaces.

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A powerfully effective cleaner for hands or non-porous surfaces.  We are certified with the FDA as an approved hand sanitizer manufacturer and adhere to their standards of formulation and production.  This formula is comprised of 80% Ethyl Alcohol as well as our Four Thieves blend of essential oil.

Four Thieves Antibacterial and Antiviral essential oil blend comprises a powerful blend of Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary Essential Oils – each one carefully hand selected for their proven antimicrobial activity and myriad anti-bacterial, antifungal & antiviral properties. ‘Antiviral’ indicates an inhibition of the proliferation of a virus, making this a potent and highly effective blend for supporting a healthy immune and respiratory system

Spray directly onto hands and rub in thoroughly; allow to air dry. Do not rinse or wipe off before it is dry. For use on non-porous surfaces like doorknobs, handles, keyboards, steering wheels, light switches, grocery carts, countertops: spray directly onto the surface and allow to air dry.
1.7floz / 50ml
Made in USA


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