What is ascended skincare?

What is ascended skincare?

When something is manufactured in the lab, it has been altered from its original form, and becomes out of harmony with the universe. Some scientists argue that the basic building blocks—the molecules and atoms—found in nature are identical to those designed and made in the lab. There are many things science cannot create, life force being the prime example. Life force or vibration is what holds molecules together and gives them form. Every form in the universe contains life force – a rock, a plant, a flower, an animal, and us. The closer it is to the source (earth), the more life force it contains.  We choose ingredients closest to our natural mother earth – oil pressed hours after harvest to ensure freshness, steam distilled essential oil from wild crafted, non-sprayed crops, clay mined from the deepest layers of earth.  Being a yoga teacher and light energy healer, I envision joy and healing energy enveloping my products when making them, infusing them with love.  I invite you to do the same when applying them.

The closer we are to the source the more in sync we are with its frequency, and by definition, we are enlightened. Many vegetarians will tell you they feel lighter and more energetic when they are not eating a meat-based diet. Perhaps this is the reason. Meat is dense, vibrationally speaking, and contains no life force because it begins to leave the body minutes after death. Hours after, it is completely gone and rigor mortis sets in. When it is finally served on the dinner table, it contains no life energy to sustain us.  We do need protein and animal meat is still the best source.  However, the traditional western diet contains more protein than is necessary to sustain us.

Better sustenance exists than the often life force deficient trappings of a traditional meat-and-potatoes, fast food western diet. There has been a revolution in communities to eat more local, to plant gardens, to join community sustained agriculture initiatives. We reap the benefits of fresh produce because it contains so much more life energy than something that’s been picked weeks before.

The revolution in our food industry started a decade ago and it has just now become more accepted in the general population. Has a similar revolution begun in skincare? How long will it take before more local, carefully crafted skincare options become the norm?

Our skin is the largest organ. In fact, depending on our individual measurements, it covers an average of about 20 square feet of our bodies! It protects us, regulates body temperature, keeping the bad out and the good in. Our skin is also constantly bombarded by chemicals designed and manufactured in the lab. In addition to scientists in labs working to develop products that change the chemistry of our skin, industry moguls work to transform our thoughts via powerfully persuasive marketing campaigns.  Anti-aging products are the perfect example.  Anti is dualism—it’s how wars are started. We don’t want to be at war with ourselves.  We use botanical extracts that pack a healthy dose of antioxidants, natural oil that acts as a potent delivery system and essential oil blend designed to lift your spirits.

Maeve’s products are mixed in small batches, with healing vibration of love, enthusiasm and care. Why do we crave a meal prepared by mom? Why do chefs at local eateries prepare the best looking and tasting meals compared to those found at chain restaurants? They are prepared with love, the taste is unique and the quality is unmatched.

Maeve’s ascended skincare is created with 100% natural ingredients, plant based food grade cold pressed oils, steam distilled therapeutic grade essential oils, GMO free gums, recyclable and reusable packaging (glass), and many certified organic ingredients.  It is infused with love and healing vibration.  We will never use any synthetic ingredients, animal ingredients, parabens, formaldehyde, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, chemicals, artificial colorants/dyes, unnatural preservatives, phenoxyethanol, fillers, animal testing, mineral oils and petroleum.

I know you will feel a difference after applying Maeve’s products.  Give them a try, they might just complete you.

With Love,

Mimi May

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